Day 30/100

Loved how this turned out. (:

Day 29/100

got glitter today =p
this is what I decided to do for my photo today, well actually yesterday because its 12:30.
I like it, but am not to hot about it, i'll probably try and do one similar but a bit different soon.

Day 28/100

I love my lens (:
All natural bokeh, no layers added.


My macro lens came in the mail today! I was so happy to see the cute little package outside today (:
So be prepared for lots of macro to come.

Day 26/100

Did another photo with this vintage make up holder.
I did have a wimpy purple flower, but it didn't look so good so I just cloned it out and just filled it in with this stock flower from paint shop pro. (:

Day 25/100

Learn to Fly -Foo Fighters

Day 24/100

Found this cute little vintage make up holder and thought of this. I probabaly could have done something better, but I messed up my camera's memory card and didn't have the time to re-format it so I used my phone, and it has just about the worst focus for this type of stuff and kept trying to get the backround, so this turned out pretty good, I might re-do something like this again later when I have more time for it (:

Day 23/100

So, today I waited untill it got completely dark to take today's photo. Not the best idea i've had because I do not own a DLSR or an extremely nice camera that works with what you give it, and no matter how much light I would put on my subject it turned out too dark, and I don't have a tripod to make a longer shutter speed :(
So, this was supposed to be my backround, but after trying a while I decided i'll just do with the backround haha, and I actually really like the turn out :D

p.s. have any tips for photography with low light?

Day 22/100

Saw this little cutie on my way out the door (:

Day 20/100

1/5 of the way done!
This was taken on the 4 of july and I decided I would make use of it today, so here it is:

Day 19/100

Taken of a friend at subway.
And who says you can never play with your food?

Day 18/100

My Awakening, from the book Beneath A Marble Sky by John Shors.

Day 17/100

Didn't take a photo today so I decided to another one text again:

Strange how I love you (in french)
Inspired by etrange comme je t'aime by Dobacaracol

Stock usage:
Vintage III Texture Pack by cloaks
10 Old Paper Textures by lassekorsgaard
heart yarn by almasa-stock

Day 16/100

Right as I was about to take this the clouds poured out, so taken shortly after rain. (:

Day 15/100

New layout!
... Yes I know it didn't upload a picture yesterday =\ I spent way longer than I imagined on the new layout and just didn't have time to take the actual picture, and then got frusterated when I couldn't put the layout up yesterday -but finally got it to work today :D

Today's photo:

Day 13/100

Cup of bokeh. :D
I've been waiting to do this, and today I finally did.
Personally, this is probably my favorite picture so far.
I edited it in four different ways, and liked this one the best:

... and put all four versions together:

(yes I know the aligning on the first image is off, I used paint to put them together because it's just easier, but didn't notice untill I put it on here. and i hope I didn't just point that out if you didn't even notice.)

Day 12/100

I know this isn't a "photo" but I really wanted to do one of these today so, I did. :D Might do a few of these again, maybe not as simple. However I do like the simplicity.

Day 11/100

I really like these flowers, i'm suprised I've actually gone since day 1 of not useing these again, but so here they are again, in a somewhat different picture then the rest i've posted.

Bokeh texture thanks to:

Lame day ten =(

Sorry, no photo today.

Day 9/100

Today was one of those "bleh" days, and successfully put off today's picture untill nine. What I had planned for didn't quite work, so this is what I came up with:

Day 8/100

Grass: not the most exciting picture, but I like it.

Day 7/100

Put in a counter today, and edited the page :D
Today sprinkled throughout the day so even though this is sorta like my post yesterday, I thought i'd post it, and I really liked how it turned out.

Click on it to get the full experience :D

Day 6/100

Not a big fan of just flowers with out much artistic display (if that makes any sense,) but I thought this turned out pretty good.

Day 5/100

I've been wanting to do a water drop picture for a while now, and fel like today was the perfect day, so here it is. I don't have an awesome camera for macro, but I tried my best.

Day 3/100: Forth of July!

I know i'm late.
So yesterday I went to the city park where I go pretty much ever year and once again it rained, so I left right as I was getting home the rich neighborhood I live next to was doing their show so I quickly ran out and got some pictures, didn't have anything to stableize my camera so the pictures are that strait but they did turn out pretty tight.

And since i'm not going to take a picture for today i'll add another from last night:

Day 2/100

Second day, and this is the picture I took. I kinda like it, but not as much as hopefully ones to come.

Day One!

Hello, I'm not sure if i'll have any readers for my first entry, but here it goes.
I'm starting this 100 days project help me grow as a photographer and hopefully by the time these 100 days are up I will have a few new tricks up my sleve. I was going to do the full 365 days thing but then I thought about it more and was like, "wow I couldn't even think of what I should do today, 100 ideas are going to be hard, 365 fresh new ideas... almost impossible."

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