Day 61/100

Same flowers as in yesterday's photo, just different view...

Without the blur(smudge) on the top right corner: here

Day 60/100

Gosh I have soo much homework. =(
Got these yesterday at a farmers market, they're so pretty!

Day 59/100

Weird, I know.
I wish it was in a different setting, such as a tree and nature, but I don't think it turned out too bad.

I will do this type of levitation picture with a tree sometime though, just wait haha.

Day 58/100

My favorite thing about the end of summer, sunflowers. (:

Day 57/100

These things were so tiny.

Day 56/100

Today's photo was troublesome.

Day 55/100

So, originally I was going to do a photo like Day 48's but with levitation, but I had a different light and this one wasn't good for that at all.
However, then I thought of this, and love how it turned out. I just wish I was dressed not in the yoga like attire haha.

Day 54/100

I've been wanting to do something like this ever since I got my lens, but got so caught up with actually useing them for macro that I completely forgot about the idea untill today.

Day 53/100

Couldn't help but do another picture of these flowers (day 46)
They're taking forever to bloom! And this was the most progressed flower, all the rest still look like they did on day 46, maybe i'm just impatient though. (:

Day 52/100 (again)

So, I realized I got ahead of myslef somewhere, so i'm just going to do another day 52.
Finally did a levitation picture. However, as I was taking it I didn't realize how extremely bright it was, so I'll do another one of these with a better backround and more practice on how it should look sometime within these next 48 days. (i'll maybe even do more than one.)

p.s. I also added in some grass, stock thanks to: eikei-stock

Day 52/100

skipped out on yesterday D;
so, try not to focus on that big white spot on my hair, I tried to smudge/clone it out and it didn't work so I tried to blend it in a bit, but its still really noticeable =\

Stock thanks to: achatinastock

Day 50/100

I was just getting ready to get today's photo set up when it rained =( I tried to do the photo inside just a bit differently, but it didn't work well at all.
So I really didn't want to post nothing, so here is a photo I took a bit ago.

Day 48/100

Almost half way!
So todays photo actually wasn't how I thought it was going to be. It was too dark to do my first idea so i'll try and do that tomorrow at sunset probably.

p.s. this may look wierd because to me it sort of looks like i'm facing backwards, but i'm really facing the camera. I don't know if it looks like that to you, it just kinda look slike that to me.

Day 47/100

School =\
Now volleyball has started (finally!) however, when I get home all I want to do is sleep, I'll try my hardest to keep doing good photos though (:

Day 46/100

Got this plant yesterday, thought the buds would bloom at least a bit more, but decided to just take a picture of them anyway. (:
will do another one when they finally bloom.

Day 45/100

Rainbow drops,

Day 44/100

Sorry for the last of a post yesterday (day 43), my computer wasn't working and just decided not do one.
Thankfully it works now. (:

Day 42/100

First day of school today =\ Had to do a school themed picture.

So, see the bokeh (lights) in the backround, it's little pieces of tin foil. Pretty happy with how it came out :D I'll start useing more tin foil in shots to come!

I might continue a school theme into tomorrow. (:

Day 41/100

Inspired by one of my favorite photographers.

p.s. school starts tomorrow D; so I will try to spend as much time as I normally do on these photo's of the day, but won't be able to as much. I wish summer break was longer!

Day 40/100

The picture alone was a bit boring so added some text, levitation (:

Day 39/100

Did a self portrait-ish, I was going to do a self portrait then my sister offered to take the picture (:

most of the butterfly stock by:

Day 38/100

Well, poor day 38 is not going to have a photo. :(
Sorry but the one I took just didn't turn out, so it's better this way (: haha

Day 37/100

Coming out of the store it was just staring to rain in the mountains.

Day 36/100

Today's picture was going to be something completely different, but I saw this dandelion just after I took "todays" photo and decided i'd take it just incase today's didn't look good. It didn't turn out, the light was too bright. So here this is (:
I've been wanting to take one of these since I got my lens.

Day 35/100

Felt like doing something different today, came up with: self portrait.
Don't know if the three different are the best way to put this, but each by themselves didn't look the best.

Different editing.

Day 34/100

I didn't like the turn out for the photo I took today so instead of trying to take another one I decided I'll just upload this one taken on Day 30. (:

p.s. sorry that pretty much all of these have been similar. =\ Have an idea for a day? comment it please!

Day 33/100

Water drop on a vine.

Day 32/100

Day 31/100

Decided to do a double photo today because they were to plain by themselves.

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