Last post of 2010

This is a pretty lame last post of the year, but I felt like posting.
So for the trip I got my camera all ready charged it up and cleaned everything. ...and for got it. There wasn't that much to take pictures of besides cows and birds though so it wasn't that big of a loss to forget it. =\
So I only had my phone to take pictures with... so their not very good at all. But I'll post 'em anyway.

...I had fun testing out gradients. (:

Also, I found this song on YouTube today, it's Angus's version of
Wasted by Angus and Julia Stone:

New Layout, starting to post again!

So, I've been thinking about posting a post for like the past two months now, but haven't. =\
A few days ago I decided to make a store, just to see if anyone would buy prints of mine, here it is Kristina's Prints. I don't expect much, but it's up there if anyone ever wants to buy something. (:
Making that I decided I'd make a banner, and then I realized it could also be my blog header... considering I still had the '100 days' banner up.
So, I made a new header and I'll be off to Nebraska for the week, hopefully I'll find some photos to take. And I'll actually start updating this thing. (:

I've also decided that I won't just make this a photo blog, I will incorporate inspiration, life, and whatever I find interesting haha.

For now, I've been making a few youtube 'fan' videos recently on my free time. I'll post some more later on, but I made this one today so I'll post it.


Finally done!

Side note from yesterday's photo: Fixed the shutter today! (: I was so happy it wasn't permanent. Too bad I fixed it a day late.

For today's photo: Love how this turned out, during I didn't think it would turn out as good because it wasn't exactly how I imagined. The only thing I dislike is how it kind of looks like i'm staring at the ground, it was either that or it looking like my eyes were closed. Also I can't play the guitar, so I didn't really think of how dumb my hands would look posed like that, and I hope I didn't just point that out. Just thought I'd say it.
Oh, also I don't know if it's too small to see, but those are music notes on the tree.

Project reflection:
-I'm both happy and kind of sad about the fact that i'm done.

-This project definently helped me grow a lot. Before this project I took a picture like once a month. At the beggining of this project I didn't even own a macro lens or had ever even used a lens in general. About a few weeks in I finally did get a lens. After I got the macro lens I saw the world through and entirely different view. Slowly every little flower/other misc objects I passed, I saw as a beautiful item I could turn into a photo. I've also learned a lot more about fashion photography. I really love it now, and didn't really ever see me taking fashion-like photography. Now I can see myself into it. I have learned a lot about editing. Like the levitation trick, I love it. Even just three days ago I learned an awsome trick. Still have a lot to learn, but I really didn't know that much about both taking and mainly editing the pictures before this project, besides the basics.

-Like I had hoped to coming into this, I have accomplished a lot. I even got one of my photo's featured in a project on the other side of the world from me.

-I would also like to thank my sister and mother because without them I wouldn't have been able to do this project. And I would like to thank anyone who visited, I definently didn't think i'd get 600+ visitors and 3,800+ page views. Or double digits from other countries, haha. I think that's pretty cool. So thank you (:

Also I've decided to make this into a regular blog. So in a few weeks i'll probably start posting pictures again.


Very disappointed in today's photo. My shutter wasn't working properly so no matter how I took the picture it turned out extremely dark.
It's supposed to be a 360 night skyline. It doesn't look like it though D; I'll re take one next have the opportunity and its either lighter or the shutter is fixed. haha and have it actually be a 360.


I really wanted to do this photo, but don't have a forest so did a photo manipulation.
Didn't really come out as planned, but I don't entirely dislike it. (just dislike how it still looks like im floating.)

(dont have enough time to put up credits, but will asap)

Day 97/100

Guess what I have for today?... Yepp, another flower square! (said with sarcasm)
However, tomorrow starts a lovely three day weekend so I hope I find some inspiration so I can end this project with some good photos (:

Day 96/100

Didn't have enough time yesterday =\
However I do have two photos for today in an attempt to compensate for yesterday (:

Second photo:

Also, if you would like to tell me what type you like better, im curious as to what style people like better. :D

Day 94/100

Wow, looking through my recent posts I have officially decided that I am in a "square flower" phase. They're just so easy! I wanted to do something else today, but I'm just too lazy to do a portrait or something else that involves not being as lazy =\ Also I have a volleyball game tomorrow so I wont be able to do any portrait with light so might do flowers again tomorrow.
Also on this, I really do wish the focused batch of flowers was in the middle of the square, but I was in a rush and didn't look at the very bottom half of the photo so I had to crop it out. Gosh I wish I didn't rush things. I think thats the thing I've learned most by doing this little project.


I know this might be weird, but I love moss.

(Even though this might not look like moss, it is. Just dying moss.)

Day 92/100

This flower looks a lot different underneath a macro lens... it actually did look a lot prettier in person. I really liked the purple in the backround though. (:


Didn't feel good today, and had no inspiration at all to take a photo today D:
This is from day 86, edited today though if that counts (:


Only ten days left oh my gosh!


Skipped out on 88 =( Didn't have enough time to take it.
I'm soo close to the end I hate missing out days, but just don't have enough time D:

Today's photo didn't really turn out at all like planned, but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. (thumbs up motion)

Day 87/100

I love how this turned out, just don't like how the scratch is amplified. =\

Day 86/100

I really dislike that scratch on the lens :( It's so small and doesn't show up most of the time, but when the light's just right its huge!
Other than that, I love how the bokeh turned out it the back from a water fountain!

Days 81, 82, 83, 84, & 85/100

Day 81/100:

This weed is so obnoxious, but I love how it looks.

Day 82/100:

Same weed, different time.

Day 83/100:

Thursday was the first day off fall, I wanted to do a nice colored leaf, but none have changed that much, so heres a picture representing the end of summer.

Day 84/100:

Didn't know what to do for this day, so decided to take this flower again.

Day 85/100:

Thought that this would be a bit different but was running late and didn't have much time, so this is it. (:


Here's day 80's photo. Finally got to editing it today.
Sorry for the lack of posting. This past week has been homecoming week and extremely busy. Tonight is the finally dance (:
I have taken photos for pretty much everyday, except for one. So I will have those photos up tomorrow.

Victorian wallpaper by: Myruso

Day 80 & 81

Hey, so i've been really busy and don't really have the time to get the pictures up, but I did take a photo for yesterday, but haven't gotten around to editing it. And the one for today i'll just post with it,.
&& tomorrow I have an away volleyball game untill late, so not sure if i'll post up tomorrow. I'll try though, but if not i'll definenly post them when I get the time.

Day 79/100

Had a volleyball tournament today, so didn't have that much time for a saturday to take today's photo, but was outside and thought this could be cute.

Day 78/100

Didn't know what to do for today's photo because I didn't have a lot of time to take the photo, so as I was walking, I thought "hey this might be good."
And I kinda like how it turned out however think I could have done it better, maybe if I was like fifteen minutes earlier with a bit more light.
(also taken on my phone, which explains the not-so-awesome quality )

Day 77/100

Sorry I completely spaced on yesterday's photo =\ (also I didn't have my computer so would not have been able to post it anyway.)

I really love today's photo. I've been wanting to take a good picture of these flowers for forever. The first day I got my macro lens I was thinking of what flowers I wanted to take, and this flower was tied for first place (along with forget me nots,) and I actually have one of these in my backyard but it had bloomed before I got my lens and the flowers were dying out so they didn't look to pretty when I tried to take them =\ but so I was walking home today and they just happened to be on the sidewalk of a house where nobody has lived in for ages. I was pretty happy (:

Rectangle version

Day 75/100

3/4 the way done!
.. I think I waited a bit too long to take this. I wanted the nice little sunset in the back, but I got caught up, and gosh the sun sets fast now (and early!) Also my camera doesn't do well with little light. I don't dislike it though, but to wrap it up, i'll probably re-take this some other time.

Day 74/100

Didn't really like the photo I took today, so I took this a few days ago and decided I would just use this for today.
... I did actually take this on my phone so it isnt the 'best' quality, but pretty good for my phone.

Day 73/100

Alexi Murdoch - Dream About Flying

Day 72/100

Not the best focus, but I kinda like it.

Day 71/100

Yesterday I didn't take a photo, the game was more than an hour away and didn't get back untill really late then had soo much homework to do!
I did take todays photo though (:
I actually dropped my lens on the pavement right before taking this so its not the absolute best focus because I was really worried it had chipped or cracked, but thankfully it didn't even get a scratch, yeah I'm pretty lucky. But I think its pretty well focused.

Day 69/100

First volleyball game today, we won (:
Have another one tomorrow that is a hour away so i'm not sure what I'll do about tomorrows post, I'll try and take a picture, but might be too lazy when I do get home to actually post it, so i'll see.

Day 68/100

Harry Potter inspired picture, again with levitation.


So yesterday I went to the Taste of Colorado and I got my camera all ready and totally forgot it before I left. =\
I did take a picture on my phone and was going to post it today, but now I just don't want to post it because its not the best quality.

So here's today's photo:
I went to the mountains finally today! I didn't exactly think of how it would look on a hill, haha not the best idea... should have taken it at the top of the hill, but I think it still turned out pretty good. (:

Day 65/100

Another sort of weird one again, I actually had a different picture in mind, but the space I had + my camera didn't like it too much. So here's this one...

A diffrent editing: here

Day 64/100

My friend Alexa,


four day weekend tomorrow! i'll actually have time to take a better photo (:
Also, so today's photo was at sunset, but it doesn't look like it at all right?? darn color balance. although it wasn't the most colorful sunset today =(

Day 62/100

=\ Sorry, no photo for today.
However, friday starts a 4 day weekend... heck yeah! So quality photos will be comming up =)

Day 61/100

Same flowers as in yesterday's photo, just different view...

Without the blur(smudge) on the top right corner: here

Day 60/100

Gosh I have soo much homework. =(
Got these yesterday at a farmers market, they're so pretty!

Day 59/100

Weird, I know.
I wish it was in a different setting, such as a tree and nature, but I don't think it turned out too bad.

I will do this type of levitation picture with a tree sometime though, just wait haha.

Day 58/100

My favorite thing about the end of summer, sunflowers. (:

Day 57/100

These things were so tiny.

Day 56/100

Today's photo was troublesome.

Day 55/100

So, originally I was going to do a photo like Day 48's but with levitation, but I had a different light and this one wasn't good for that at all.
However, then I thought of this, and love how it turned out. I just wish I was dressed not in the yoga like attire haha.

Day 54/100

I've been wanting to do something like this ever since I got my lens, but got so caught up with actually useing them for macro that I completely forgot about the idea untill today.

Day 53/100

Couldn't help but do another picture of these flowers (day 46)
They're taking forever to bloom! And this was the most progressed flower, all the rest still look like they did on day 46, maybe i'm just impatient though. (:

Day 52/100 (again)

So, I realized I got ahead of myslef somewhere, so i'm just going to do another day 52.
Finally did a levitation picture. However, as I was taking it I didn't realize how extremely bright it was, so I'll do another one of these with a better backround and more practice on how it should look sometime within these next 48 days. (i'll maybe even do more than one.)

p.s. I also added in some grass, stock thanks to: eikei-stock

Day 52/100

skipped out on yesterday D;
so, try not to focus on that big white spot on my hair, I tried to smudge/clone it out and it didn't work so I tried to blend it in a bit, but its still really noticeable =\

Stock thanks to: achatinastock

Day 50/100

I was just getting ready to get today's photo set up when it rained =( I tried to do the photo inside just a bit differently, but it didn't work well at all.
So I really didn't want to post nothing, so here is a photo I took a bit ago.

Day 48/100

Almost half way!
So todays photo actually wasn't how I thought it was going to be. It was too dark to do my first idea so i'll try and do that tomorrow at sunset probably.

p.s. this may look wierd because to me it sort of looks like i'm facing backwards, but i'm really facing the camera. I don't know if it looks like that to you, it just kinda look slike that to me.

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