Belize 2012 video

I made this a new post because, the other Belize 2012 post was getting a bit long. With my new love of taking videos, I thought I'd make a video of the trip, so here it is! Just as an fyi, this is my first actual video I've made, so if you have any pointers about travel filming, let me know! -That also goes for photography!

Thanks for watching!

Spring Break - BELIZE!

Going to Belize over spring break was such a blast. This was my second mission trip down there, and I think it might have even better than last time! It was only 7 days, and we were busy pretty much every second of every day haha. As a result, it went by soo quick! I really hope I can go down their sometime in the future and have more time for photography. Here are just some of the the photos I took... I filled up three 16gb memory cards!

Side note: If you have a Tumblr, these are all on my Photography Tumblr (:


Photos from/Places went: Forest Home, Punta Gorda, Belize Zoo, Blue Hole National Park (inland,) as well as some other random places.

Catching up on posting!

   I feel like this blog has kind of died, even though people do occasionally come on, I haven't updated in months. However, I am set on reviving it so going back to last post's challenge I'm going to start posting a lot more. (But actually follow through this time!) I've been super busy recently, and I'll be busy for this last month of school, then SUMMER! Then, I'll actually have time to get on the computer. So stoked! --I'm such a nerd.
   Anyway, so this is going to be a post of a couple random pictures from the last few months. (And I'll make a separate blog post about Belize.)

Pictures: Driving to Breckenridge, Colorado, Prom (me,) and my cat.

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