Lookbook: Ikat Dress

I bought this dress a few weeks ago for my birthday, and it's definently one of my new favorite dresses, I have found a new love for ikat prints!
I also bought another one at the same time and I hopefully will be posting that soon as well (:

Source: RunwayDaily.com

Angus Stone - Silver Revolver

New Camera!

I bought the Fujifilm S5100 (also known as the S5500) on eBay on Sunday, and I literally cannot wait untill it comes!!
It will be my first ever camera that is actually mine!
(Yes, I've been using the 'family' camera for everthing I've taken haha)

So be expecting loads of practice photos soon (:
Also untill my next post, I have a few photos that I have taken recently. Some aren't the best quality when big, so I'm going to make them smaller than usual (:

p.s. I'm going down to Belize later this month (finally!) Which is one of the reasons I got the camera.. so if I don't get around to posting until then, expect Belize photos in a month or so (:

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