Sorry for the lack of updating, I've been really busy with school and everything, and haven't taken any blog pictures in forever!
However, I want to post something, because it's been a while. So here are some pictures from my summer trip to Lake Tahoe.

Note for the last 2 photos:
I've also recently been looking into film photography. I have a Pentax MV1 that I found stored away in boxes a few years ago. It's an 80's SLR, but I'm not positive if it works =\ If it doesn't, I hope to get one for Christmas.
Growing up in the digital age, I'm new to film, so if anyone has tips, feel free to comment them!

b e l i z e ♥

Belize was soo much fun! I can't wait to go back next year (: I went with a group and we stayed a week down there on a mission trip. We helped paint a school as well as the new pastor's manse. Punta Gorda was the closest large town, this is my sister, Madeline and TJ on a pier in Punta Gorda. Everyday during lunch we got to spend time with the kids of Forest Home Methodist School, this girl was so adorbale! Some of the guys showing off their tricks and flips (: Me, and seriously the cutest kid ever, he loved wearing everyone's sunglasses. Market day in Punta Gorda, they had amazingly fresh and cheap fruit! In Punta Gorda we ate at a place resturant called Marions, this balcony on the ocean was so much fun! On one of our final days, we hiked up Blue Creek to a cave, it was so beautiful! Sadly my memory card ran out right before the cave, but this is a picture of one of the many waterfalls right before the cave. The drive to and from Blue Creek was so scenic, it was definently one of my favorite parts of Belize. Another scenic picture of a biker on the way to Blue Creek. The final two days we spent off the mainland at Placencia, I loved everything about it. We actually made it right on time to go to the last day of Lobsterfest, soo much fun. All of us white guys were literally pulled up onstage to dance the "Tornado" none the less, we sucked, but it was a lot of fun. This was the day after, once everything had calmed down. Comming from Colorado, I loved just staring at the waves.

Leaving Belize =\

Lookbook: Ikat Dress

I bought this dress a few weeks ago for my birthday, and it's definently one of my new favorite dresses, I have found a new love for ikat prints!
I also bought another one at the same time and I hopefully will be posting that soon as well (:

Source: RunwayDaily.com

Angus Stone - Silver Revolver

New Camera!

I bought the Fujifilm S5100 (also known as the S5500) on eBay on Sunday, and I literally cannot wait untill it comes!!
It will be my first ever camera that is actually mine!
(Yes, I've been using the 'family' camera for everthing I've taken haha)

So be expecting loads of practice photos soon (:
Also untill my next post, I have a few photos that I have taken recently. Some aren't the best quality when big, so I'm going to make them smaller than usual (:

p.s. I'm going down to Belize later this month (finally!) Which is one of the reasons I got the camera.. so if I don't get around to posting until then, expect Belize photos in a month or so (:

Drip Drop

This past weekend I was on DeviantART looking through some of my favorite photographers. ^ this photo was inspired by one of my favorite macro photographers Joakim Kræmer, Check him out (:

Video I did sunday:

Minimalistyle by Stromae

So, I've realized that this isn't really a photoblog anymore. I'll try and post some actual pictures soon (:

For now, I made a video yesterday and haven't posted in a while so here it is...

Minimalistyle by Stromae:

Simple meets Elegant

Posted a second look.
Pretty simple, but one of my favorite outfits.

Push by Josh Weller
-Its a rather funny song, I like it though.
+watch the video

Got a Lookbook!

Finally got a Lookbook.nu today!

First look:

I'll be posting more soon hopefully. (:

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