Finally done!

Side note from yesterday's photo: Fixed the shutter today! (: I was so happy it wasn't permanent. Too bad I fixed it a day late.

For today's photo: Love how this turned out, during I didn't think it would turn out as good because it wasn't exactly how I imagined. The only thing I dislike is how it kind of looks like i'm staring at the ground, it was either that or it looking like my eyes were closed. Also I can't play the guitar, so I didn't really think of how dumb my hands would look posed like that, and I hope I didn't just point that out. Just thought I'd say it.
Oh, also I don't know if it's too small to see, but those are music notes on the tree.

Project reflection:
-I'm both happy and kind of sad about the fact that i'm done.

-This project definently helped me grow a lot. Before this project I took a picture like once a month. At the beggining of this project I didn't even own a macro lens or had ever even used a lens in general. About a few weeks in I finally did get a lens. After I got the macro lens I saw the world through and entirely different view. Slowly every little flower/other misc objects I passed, I saw as a beautiful item I could turn into a photo. I've also learned a lot more about fashion photography. I really love it now, and didn't really ever see me taking fashion-like photography. Now I can see myself into it. I have learned a lot about editing. Like the levitation trick, I love it. Even just three days ago I learned an awsome trick. Still have a lot to learn, but I really didn't know that much about both taking and mainly editing the pictures before this project, besides the basics.

-Like I had hoped to coming into this, I have accomplished a lot. I even got one of my photo's featured in a project on the other side of the world from me.

-I would also like to thank my sister and mother because without them I wouldn't have been able to do this project. And I would like to thank anyone who visited, I definently didn't think i'd get 600+ visitors and 3,800+ page views. Or double digits from other countries, haha. I think that's pretty cool. So thank you (:

Also I've decided to make this into a regular blog. So in a few weeks i'll probably start posting pictures again.


Very disappointed in today's photo. My shutter wasn't working properly so no matter how I took the picture it turned out extremely dark.
It's supposed to be a 360 night skyline. It doesn't look like it though D; I'll re take one next have the opportunity and its either lighter or the shutter is fixed. haha and have it actually be a 360.


I really wanted to do this photo, but don't have a forest so did a photo manipulation.
Didn't really come out as planned, but I don't entirely dislike it. (just dislike how it still looks like im floating.)

(dont have enough time to put up credits, but will asap)

Day 97/100

Guess what I have for today?... Yepp, another flower square! (said with sarcasm)
However, tomorrow starts a lovely three day weekend so I hope I find some inspiration so I can end this project with some good photos (:

Day 96/100

Didn't have enough time yesterday =\
However I do have two photos for today in an attempt to compensate for yesterday (:

Second photo:

Also, if you would like to tell me what type you like better, im curious as to what style people like better. :D

Day 94/100

Wow, looking through my recent posts I have officially decided that I am in a "square flower" phase. They're just so easy! I wanted to do something else today, but I'm just too lazy to do a portrait or something else that involves not being as lazy =\ Also I have a volleyball game tomorrow so I wont be able to do any portrait with light so might do flowers again tomorrow.
Also on this, I really do wish the focused batch of flowers was in the middle of the square, but I was in a rush and didn't look at the very bottom half of the photo so I had to crop it out. Gosh I wish I didn't rush things. I think thats the thing I've learned most by doing this little project.


I know this might be weird, but I love moss.

(Even though this might not look like moss, it is. Just dying moss.)

Day 92/100

This flower looks a lot different underneath a macro lens... it actually did look a lot prettier in person. I really liked the purple in the backround though. (:


Didn't feel good today, and had no inspiration at all to take a photo today D:
This is from day 86, edited today though if that counts (:

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