Only ten days left oh my gosh!


Skipped out on 88 =( Didn't have enough time to take it.
I'm soo close to the end I hate missing out days, but just don't have enough time D:

Today's photo didn't really turn out at all like planned, but it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would. (thumbs up motion)

Day 87/100

I love how this turned out, just don't like how the scratch is amplified. =\

Day 86/100

I really dislike that scratch on the lens :( It's so small and doesn't show up most of the time, but when the light's just right its huge!
Other than that, I love how the bokeh turned out it the back from a water fountain!

Days 81, 82, 83, 84, & 85/100

Day 81/100:

This weed is so obnoxious, but I love how it looks.

Day 82/100:

Same weed, different time.

Day 83/100:

Thursday was the first day off fall, I wanted to do a nice colored leaf, but none have changed that much, so heres a picture representing the end of summer.

Day 84/100:

Didn't know what to do for this day, so decided to take this flower again.

Day 85/100:

Thought that this would be a bit different but was running late and didn't have much time, so this is it. (:


Here's day 80's photo. Finally got to editing it today.
Sorry for the lack of posting. This past week has been homecoming week and extremely busy. Tonight is the finally dance (:
I have taken photos for pretty much everyday, except for one. So I will have those photos up tomorrow.

Victorian wallpaper by: Myruso

Day 80 & 81

Hey, so i've been really busy and don't really have the time to get the pictures up, but I did take a photo for yesterday, but haven't gotten around to editing it. And the one for today i'll just post with it,.
&& tomorrow I have an away volleyball game untill late, so not sure if i'll post up tomorrow. I'll try though, but if not i'll definenly post them when I get the time.

Day 79/100

Had a volleyball tournament today, so didn't have that much time for a saturday to take today's photo, but was outside and thought this could be cute.

Day 78/100

Didn't know what to do for today's photo because I didn't have a lot of time to take the photo, so as I was walking, I thought "hey this might be good."
And I kinda like how it turned out however think I could have done it better, maybe if I was like fifteen minutes earlier with a bit more light.
(also taken on my phone, which explains the not-so-awesome quality )

Day 77/100

Sorry I completely spaced on yesterday's photo =\ (also I didn't have my computer so would not have been able to post it anyway.)

I really love today's photo. I've been wanting to take a good picture of these flowers for forever. The first day I got my macro lens I was thinking of what flowers I wanted to take, and this flower was tied for first place (along with forget me nots,) and I actually have one of these in my backyard but it had bloomed before I got my lens and the flowers were dying out so they didn't look to pretty when I tried to take them =\ but so I was walking home today and they just happened to be on the sidewalk of a house where nobody has lived in for ages. I was pretty happy (:

Rectangle version

Day 75/100

3/4 the way done!
.. I think I waited a bit too long to take this. I wanted the nice little sunset in the back, but I got caught up, and gosh the sun sets fast now (and early!) Also my camera doesn't do well with little light. I don't dislike it though, but to wrap it up, i'll probably re-take this some other time.

Day 74/100

Didn't really like the photo I took today, so I took this a few days ago and decided I would just use this for today.
... I did actually take this on my phone so it isnt the 'best' quality, but pretty good for my phone.

Day 73/100

Alexi Murdoch - Dream About Flying

Day 72/100

Not the best focus, but I kinda like it.

Day 71/100

Yesterday I didn't take a photo, the game was more than an hour away and didn't get back untill really late then had soo much homework to do!
I did take todays photo though (:
I actually dropped my lens on the pavement right before taking this so its not the absolute best focus because I was really worried it had chipped or cracked, but thankfully it didn't even get a scratch, yeah I'm pretty lucky. But I think its pretty well focused.

Day 69/100

First volleyball game today, we won (:
Have another one tomorrow that is a hour away so i'm not sure what I'll do about tomorrows post, I'll try and take a picture, but might be too lazy when I do get home to actually post it, so i'll see.

Day 68/100

Harry Potter inspired picture, again with levitation.


So yesterday I went to the Taste of Colorado and I got my camera all ready and totally forgot it before I left. =\
I did take a picture on my phone and was going to post it today, but now I just don't want to post it because its not the best quality.

So here's today's photo:
I went to the mountains finally today! I didn't exactly think of how it would look on a hill, haha not the best idea... should have taken it at the top of the hill, but I think it still turned out pretty good. (:

Day 65/100

Another sort of weird one again, I actually had a different picture in mind, but the space I had + my camera didn't like it too much. So here's this one...

A diffrent editing: here

Day 64/100

My friend Alexa,


four day weekend tomorrow! i'll actually have time to take a better photo (:
Also, so today's photo was at sunset, but it doesn't look like it at all right?? darn color balance. although it wasn't the most colorful sunset today =(

Day 62/100

=\ Sorry, no photo for today.
However, friday starts a 4 day weekend... heck yeah! So quality photos will be comming up =)

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