Last post of 2010

This is a pretty lame last post of the year, but I felt like posting.
So for the trip I got my camera all ready charged it up and cleaned everything. ...and for got it. There wasn't that much to take pictures of besides cows and birds though so it wasn't that big of a loss to forget it. =\
So I only had my phone to take pictures with... so their not very good at all. But I'll post 'em anyway.

...I had fun testing out gradients. (:

Also, I found this song on YouTube today, it's Angus's version of
Wasted by Angus and Julia Stone:

New Layout, starting to post again!

So, I've been thinking about posting a post for like the past two months now, but haven't. =\
A few days ago I decided to make a store, just to see if anyone would buy prints of mine, here it is Kristina's Prints. I don't expect much, but it's up there if anyone ever wants to buy something. (:
Making that I decided I'd make a banner, and then I realized it could also be my blog header... considering I still had the '100 days' banner up.
So, I made a new header and I'll be off to Nebraska for the week, hopefully I'll find some photos to take. And I'll actually start updating this thing. (:

I've also decided that I won't just make this a photo blog, I will incorporate inspiration, life, and whatever I find interesting haha.

For now, I've been making a few youtube 'fan' videos recently on my free time. I'll post some more later on, but I made this one today so I'll post it.

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