New Layout, starting to post again!

So, I've been thinking about posting a post for like the past two months now, but haven't. =\
A few days ago I decided to make a store, just to see if anyone would buy prints of mine, here it is Kristina's Prints. I don't expect much, but it's up there if anyone ever wants to buy something. (:
Making that I decided I'd make a banner, and then I realized it could also be my blog header... considering I still had the '100 days' banner up.
So, I made a new header and I'll be off to Nebraska for the week, hopefully I'll find some photos to take. And I'll actually start updating this thing. (:

I've also decided that I won't just make this a photo blog, I will incorporate inspiration, life, and whatever I find interesting haha.

For now, I've been making a few youtube 'fan' videos recently on my free time. I'll post some more later on, but I made this one today so I'll post it.


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